pixeltrain’s Academy

pixeltrain’s Academy

You are looking for an online class for your Blender Learning Path with a structured curriculum and in the same time you need it to be flexible and want it to have a self-paced learning environment? With our modul classes system you build your own learning path tailored to your needs but you will never get lost in it, since Helge Maus will always be on your side! Our idea is the following:

Helge Maus presents all of his online-classes LIVE! If you take part, you can work along actively and are also invited to ask your questions. You get to know your comrades and share your thoughts and experience. We will always record these sessions, which you can then download and keep forever!

pixeltrain’s Academy is characterized by small learning groups, well-structured units with keeping space to meet the needs of each individual. All sessions are held live by Senior 3D & VFX trainer Helge Maus. Professional and Personal – these are the keys of pixeltrain’s Academy!

If you have questions about your learning path, about the modules or you want to sign up, please write to Helge info (at) pixeltrain.net . Looking forward to reading from you soon!

So here is the framework of pixeltrain’s academy at a glance:

What it includes

  • Live sessions + downloadable recordings of each session
  • Exercises + feedback
  • Private discord channel for the students
  • One Live QA Session
  • Each module consists of 3 live sessions with a total length of 12 hours (3 x 4 hours).
  • Each module takes four weeks: Each week there is one session and in the fourth week there is a Q & A session.


One module costs 595 Euro (+ 20% VAT, if you do not have a UID of the EU). To be paid in advance via PayPal or BankTransfer (Austria).

One module corresponds to one topic, for example Blender Fundamentals or Blender Animation. Please see the description of the various pixeltrain’s Academy modules below.

Get your trial

Attend the first session for only 50 Euro. If you stay, you pay the regular price.


email to info (at) pixeltrain.net

Choose your module

>> Level A: From Beginner to Intermediate

Our Level A-Modules are for beginners or students coming from other 3d applications to learn Blender, its paradigms and workflows from the ground up.


Module A01

Blender Fundamentals

Next Start: May 24, 2024



Module A02

Blender Shading & Rendering

Next Start: June 21, 2024



Module A03

Blender Animation System

Next Start: July 19, 2024


>> Level B: From Intermediate to Expert

You want to dive deeper into the Blender world? You want to specialize in an area? Our Level B is right for you.


Module B01

Blender HardSurface Modeling for Games & VFX

Next Start: upon request



Module B03

Blender Rigging for Technical and Organic Models

Next Start: upon request



Module B02

Blender Procedural Setups with Geometry Nodes

Next Start: upon request



Module B04

Blender for Architects

Next Start: upon request


Content of Modules

Blender Fundamentals (Module A01)

Session One: Interface, Scene Organisation, Workflows

Session Two: Polygon-Modelling, Modifiers, Sub-D

Session Three: Lighting, Shading & Materials, Rendering with Cycles & EEVEE

Week 4: Q & A-Session and Exercise Reflection & Feedback

Blender Shading & Rendering (Module A02)

Session One: Cycles Deep Dive: View-Layers, AOVs, Micropolygonic Displacement

Session Two: Photorealistic PBR-Shaders, Photographic Lightening & Camera

Session Three: Complex Shader Networks, EEVEE Deep Dive, NPA (non-photorealistic rendering, freestyle), Cellshading

Week 4 : Q & A-Session and Exercise Reflection & Feedback

Blender Animation System (Module A03)

Session One: Animation-Concepts, Timeline, Keyframes & Sets

Session Two: Dopesheet, Graph Editor & Animation Principles

Session Three: Rigging Introduction, Working with predefined rigs, Poses, Shape-Keys, Actions & NLA Editor

Week4 : Q & A-Session and Exercise Reflection & Feedback

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