Helge Maus and pixeltrain will take part at the following events 2020 and is looking forward to inspiring and exciting conversations. That’s why pixeltrain’s invitation goes out to you:

Be a part of it, let yourself be inspired, take the opportunity to brilliant minds from the 3D- & VFX-industry!

These events enrich every artist and pixeltrain is an avid fan of these get-togethers 🙂 
See you there – hopefully – & let’s celebrate 3D, VFX, creativity and mind!

pixeltrain goes Europe 2020!

Start your Blender 2.9 Journey now!

Blender 2.9 – A full production suite for 3D, VFX and Animation.

Next to my beloved Houdini FX, Blender is for me the solutions for Modeling, Animation and PreViz.

As you may have seen, I have published the last days 4 free tutorials about the new features of Blender 2.9.
You find them on my YouTube channel:

If you now have the feeling, that you want to start seriously to learn this great free production suite, here are some event tips, where I will be teaching Blender for you.

>> VIEW Conference 2020

18 – 23 October 2020, Turin (IT)
The next live workshop will be at the exciting VIEW CONFERENCE 2020.
I will give a 2-hours Online-Workshop

„Blender 2.9: The Free Production Studio for Indies“

in Room Mezzanino on Sunday 18th Oct 2020 in English.
You find more information here:

And, don’t miss all the other great Keynotes, Masterclasses and talks. This conference is great!

Helge’s Masterclass auf der VIEW 2018

>> Blender Introduction, Rendering, Animation & Rigging Workshops

In Cooperation with Visualisierungs-Akademie Schweiz, I will teach again some online sessions for small groups of 4-8 attendees. This is in german language. If you are interested in an English workshop, please let me know!

Blender 2.9 – An Introduction

26 and 27 November, 2020
For more information go to:

Blender 2.9 – Rendering with Eevee and Cycles

04 December, 2020
For more information go to:

Blender 2.9 – Animation & Rigging

10 and 11 December, 2020
For more information go to:

If you have questions or your company wants to adapt Blender (or Houdini FX) to the pipeline, get in contact. I’m happy to help!

>> More information about the VIEW Conference 2020

18 – 23 October 2020, Turin (IT)

WOW, this event has it all! In autumn 2018 Helge was more than happy to be asked to hold a workshop at the VIEW. pixeltrain spent two days there and it was much, much too short. This event has hit us right in the heart. Maria Elena Gutierrez, the mama of VIEW – as she calls herself – has carried us away with her heartfelt enthusiasm for creativity and the people who live creativity, and infected us with the VIEW fever.

We arrived at the VIEW and some of our hearts stayed there – as pathetic as it sounds, but this event leaves marks.

Therefore, we are all the more pleased to be back again this year. But this time it is fix that we stay the entire event time! No speeches missed this time 😉

Why are Helge Maus and pixeltrain so enthusiastic about the VIEW?

Maria Elena Gutierrez manages to invite the Crème de la Crème to Turin:

In 2018 Hans Zimmer was giving a speech about his creative process there. Mireille Soria, President of Paramount Animation, told her very personal story of how she got into story telling and what she still loves in film storytelling to this day.

Rob Bredow, Head of ILM, gave insigths into the creation of „SOLO: A Star Wars Story“. We listened to Emanuela Cozzi, Storyboard Artist at LAIKA, talking about her access to storyboarding ant it was as intriguing as all the other valuable lectures by so many ingenious artists, not to mention Michael Ford, the VFX Supervisor of Hotel Transylvania 3.

You have to experience the VIEW and you know that this event leaves pure inspiration and enthusiasm.

That’s why >> Ci vediamo a Torino! … we can’t wait! Thank you Maria Elena for your energy and this event!

>> Mouvo 2020

21 – 22 February 2020, Prag (CZ)

>> Helge’s Houdini Motion Graphics Class at Mouvo 2020

The workshop led by Helge Maus is technically oriented and focuses on how to effectively use Houdini from SideFX, the highly complex and sought-after motion graphics and design tool. Maus’ popularity is primarily derived from his humane approach to teaching. This workshop is an excellent stepping stone for a Houdini novice or those who want to perfect their skills and use the tool in a more powerful and efficient way.

>> What you learn

You will be exposed to the procedural approach and various VFX tools of Houdini FX which will help you be more effective in the motion design and creative commercial fields. By working through different examples, Helge will share various techniques to use Houdini’s Volumes, VDBs, Vellum-Solvers (Cloth, Softbodies, Grains), Particles, and PyroFX to generate stunning abstracts for stills and animations. You will also get a brief introduction to VOPs & VEX for building your own tools and how to re-use them in other projects. This 3-hour long course will be a unique opportunity to ask specific workflow-related questions and deal with technical problems under master guidance of a very experienced instructor.

More Information >>

Houdini Motion Graphics Class auf der Mouvo 2020