pixeltrain is a provider of high-quality corporate trainings for 3D, VFX and Animation.

As a Senior 3D & VFX Trainer, Helge Maus teaches 3D- & VFX Applications for over 20 years.

His focus lies on Generalist workflows for VFX and Games. He works with studios, agencies and freelancers from different visualization areas and from the games industry.

Meanwhile he focuses on Blender, Unity, Fusion & Godot for his daily work and training. He loves working with Indies and companies adapting FOSS software like Blender and Godot in their pipeline. His strong industry background in teaching Houdini FX, Nuke, and Maya over many years helps him to train artists from the industry within a wide production context.

Amongst other tasks he is a popular speaker and master class trainer at international industry events such as FMX, IBC, Mouvo, View Conference etc. Through his training publications and tutorials, he is known to a generation of artists.

Because of his many years of production and training experience and his regular participation in beta programs for Adobe, Maxon, Solidangle and Autodesk over the last two decades, he is constantly dealing with the latest technologies and developments.


Helge Maus is a Senior VFX Trainer | Blender Generalist | Unity Artist | Compositor

Long-time industry expert Helge Maus and his team of pixeltrain offer you functional knowledge in the areas of 3D Visualization & 3D Animation, Motion Design, Compositing and VFX.

In this process industry-specific solutions such as

>> Blender | Unity | Fusion | Resolve | Godot

3D- & VFX Compositing

>> Blender Compositor | Fusion Studio

HardSurface Modeling

>> Fluent | HardOPS | BoxCutter | KitOps | Decal Machine

Environment Building

>> GeoScatter | Botaniq

Motion Design, FUI & HUDs

>> Blender | Blender Geometry Nodes | Fusion Studio

Simulation, Oceans, Crowds

>> Blender Built-in | Geometry Nodes | Flip Fluids

Character & Animation Workflow

>> Blender | Blender Grease Pencil

Real-time Visualization, VR, AR, XR & Real-time Filmmaking

>> Godot | Unity | Timeline | Cinemachine | Realtime VFX

Photorealistic Rendering & Stylized – NPR

>> Blender Cycles | Blender EEVEE | Godot | Unity

Texturing / Shading

>> Procedural Shaders | PBR Painter

Editing, Postproduction, Color Correction, Audio Post, Finishing

>> Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Studio (incl. Fusion & Fairlight)


>> Python | GDScript | C#

We do not simply train “tools”, but rather their practical application in demanding workflows. Make use of our competence in training, advice or production!

pixeltrain helps you to implement your digital visions for your customers through the coordinated use of individual training for your team, quick help in the case of a problem, and outsourcing or taking over project parts.

Helge Maus | pixeltrain

Helge Maus has worked as a freelancer and presenter for Adobe, has been a Maxon Lead Instructor for Cinema 4D for many years, has trained other trainers in Maxon’s Instructor training courses in Cinema 4D and created their training concepts. He was also a beta tester for Maya, Cinema 4D, After Effects and Arnold for a long time.

He has worked with clients such as Ubisoft, Tangent Animation, Mackevision, Jura, Vitra, Hugo Boss, eder GmbH, Jung-von-Matt, Pirates ´n Paradise, redseven Entertainment, ProSiebenSat.1, SKY Deutschland, NDR, rbb, Sony DADC, Intel and many more international companies.

In addition to individual company training courses, pixeltrain also offers consulting on the use of various software packages from the area of ​​3D, VFX and compositing as well as project support for your own projects.

As a child, I scripted the first 3D animations on my C64. I was fascinated by the first special effects in films like “The Neverending Story”, “Flash Gordon” and of course “Star Trek” and “Star Wars”. After that I watched pretty much every SciFi and Fantasy film and tried to learn creating these worlds on the computer. The enthusiasm for the animated, computer-generated moving image has never let go of me and I certainly will never let go of it. Today I am happy that I can not only explain this world to other enthusiasts, but also bring it closer to them. I want to achieve it over and over again that 3D & vfx-Artists learn to understand their tools with joy and depth, with the goal that their ideas and visions learn to fly!

Helge Maus | pixeltrain
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